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play buttonFREE MOVIE 1 Cut perfect door hinge recesses

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The ECT Router Jig

This is the original ECT Router Guide System, accurate and versatile the ECT was designed by craftsmen for craftsmen. Yet, its robust design also makes this the perfect tradesmanís tool.

The ECT Router Jig can be used to easily create both the mortise and tenon for wood joints. Even with limited joint making experience, using the ECT routing system is easy. Important to note; your ECT can be used with almost any 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch portable router.

45 Degree mortise and tenon Mortise and Tenon Joint jig ECT

For a fraction of the price of competitive products (or making your own router jigs and templates), the ECT router guide system will make light work of all your wood routing needs. This unique design can be used just like a router template; only it turns your workpiece into your workbench!

Not only will the ECT make mortise and tenon joints. The ECT can be used for door hinges and door locks (all sizes, all types), simply remove the ECT clamp and the ECT router jig can be attached directly to a door (or door frame) using your own standard G-clamps. Yes it works just like an adjustable router template!

Designed in Australia, this router guiding system was the result of over 50 years in fine woodworking and craftsmanship experience.

With the ECT you can fit your router table in your toolbox or store it on your shelf, saving valuable workshop space. This unique router jig will cater for all your routing needs. The ECT will unleash your router!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Elite Craftsman Tools.

Email: info@ectrouterguide.com